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9/25/20 -Do You Know All The Different Factors That Affect Your Social Security Benefits?


Most people pay a lot of money into the Social Security system during their working years.  But do you know how much you will get out of the system?  A recent survey says that most people do not know exactly what affects their Social Security Benefits?



9/19/20 - Question of the Month - September

“Hello, Brian.  My wife and I are 65 years old and still working.  We plan to retire in a few years.  Until then, we are saving money for retirement.  One way we save is by contributing to our Roth IRAs each year, maximizing them out at $7,000 apiece.  We are also trying to become more tax efficient because we believe tax rates will be much higher in the future. 

9/12/20 -The Original ‘Inherited Stretch IRA’ Is Gone.  

Now What Do You Do?


WThe SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act) became law at the beginning of this year. This legislation was mainly intended to expand opportunities for people to increase their retirement savings, which is obviously a good thing.  However, the act also included one big tax law change that will cost most inheritors additional taxes, and that was the elimination of the ‘inherited stretch IRA’.  So, now what do you do?



9/5/20 - Retirement Rules That Don’t Apply Anymore

Retirement today is so much different than it used to be.  People who were working back in the 50s, 60s and 70s probably had the old-fashioned traditional retirement where they retired with a solid pension plan.  This coupled with Social Security took care of many people’s retirement lifestyle, and they did not have to worry about saving much more on their own.  Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.

8/28/20 - Key Dates And Ages Related To Your Retirement?


When you think of certain important dates or ages, you generally think of birthdays, anniversaries, special moments, etc.  However, as you get older and get into your pre-retirement and retirement years, some other dates and ages become very important.  In fact, these dates may even become more important than birthdays and anniversaries because missing them or not understanding what happens at these times can have a severe impact on your retirement. 



8/22/20 - August 2020 Question of the Month

It is August, and that means it is back-to-school time.  But back-to-school time is not just for kids in school anymore. With so many changes in the financial and economic arena each and every year, in order to keep your retirement plan updated and accurate at all times, you simply have to make sure you go ‘back to school’ to stay educated and informed.  So it is back-to-school time for your retirement plan.

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