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3-25-23 - March 2023 Question Of The Month -

Are Banks In Trouble Or Are They Safe?


“Hi, Brian.  What is happening to the banking system?  Is it still safe for us to keep money there?  What should we do?  Thank you.”  Gregg and Tami



3-18-23 - How To Evaluate An Early Buy-Out Opportunity Or Voluntary Retirement Offer

Many companies across America are reducing their workforce to save money.  One of the ways they do this is by offering early buy-out opportunities or voluntary retirement to select employees.  If you are offered one of these packages, how do you determine whether you should take it? 



3-11-23 - Will Your Retirement Plan Survive And Advance?


The month of March is basketball tournament time, and the theme for this time in the season is ‘Survive and Advance.’  In order to continue playing and prevent the season from being over, you must win to move on to the next round.  In today’s ever-changing and volatile financial world, your retirement plan has to be set up to survive and advance as well.



3-4-23 - What You Don’t Know About Your IRA Can Hurt You

The IRA is one of the main staples of retirement planning.  In fact, millions of people use IRAs to save for and provide an income in retirement.  However, many people are not getting as much out of these plans as possible because they don’t know as much as they should about IRAs.



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