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4/10/21 - How Will Higher Taxes Affect Your Retirement Plan?

With the change in Congressional and Presidential Administrations, one of the primary news headlines has turned to taxation.  The new Presidential Administration has promised increased taxation and is now beginning to show exactly how this will be implemented.  So, how will higher taxes affect your retirement?

4/3/21 - What You Don’t Know About Your IRA Can Hurt You


The IRA is one of the main staples of retirement planning.  In fact, millions of people use IRAs to save for and provide an income in retirement.  However, many people are not getting as much out of these plans as possible because they don’t know as much as they should about IRAs.



3/27/21 - March 2021 Question Of The Month

“Hi, Brian.  My husband retired in 2019, and I retired in March of last year after making about $20,000.  We have some IRA accounts, a good amount of money in our savings account (which we used last year for income), and a taxable brokerage account.  Can we or should we contribute to our retirement plans for last year, and if so, how will that affect our tax return?  Thank you.”  Sherry

3/20/21 - You Have To Survive And Advance?


The month of March is basketball tournament time, and the theme for this time in the season is ‘Survive and Advance.’  In order to continue playing and prevent the season from being over, you have to win to move on to the next round.  In today’s ever-changing and volatile financial world, your retirement plan has to be set up to survive and advance as well..



3/13/21 - Have You Adapted Your Retirement Plan To The New Laws?

One of the key elements of a successful retirement plan is adjusting and adapting your plan each year to keep up with changes.  Every year there are changes to retirement-related rules and laws, plan guideline updates, market changes, and of course, tax law changes.  However, last year, we had some of the biggest law changes ever related to retirement planning.  Have you properly adjusted your plan yet?

3/6/21 - Have You Forgotten About These Factors In Your Retirement Plan?


You know, many people think they have thought of everything when it comes to their retirement plan.  Unfortunately, that is not the case in most circumstances.  Join me this weekend as we bring to your attention the many factors of retirement planning that are most often overlooked in the planning process and which could very well lead to a ruined retirement plan if not addressed.



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