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9-22-22 - Question Of The Month - September

“Hello, Brian.  I am 65 and planning on retiring in a few years.  I am trying to do everything I can to maximize my retirement savings contributions over the next few years.  I just heard about a Mega Roth IRA.  What is this, and how does it work?  Can it help me save even more for retirement?  Thank you.”  Daniel

9-17-22 How Do You Inherit Money Properly Based On The New Inheritance Rules?


The rules for inheriting assets and money have changed and may be changing more.  In 2020, the inherited stretch IRA was eliminated, causing most people inheriting retirement account money to pay much more in taxes.  Now there is talk of eliminating the stepped-up basis in value.  This will cause more taxation.  So, what can you do?



9-10-22 - Do You Know All The Different Factors That Affect Your Social Security Benefits?

Most people pay a lot of money into the Social Security system during their working years.  But do you know how much you will get out of the system?  A recent survey says that most people do not know exactly what affects their Social Security Benefits.  

9-3-22 Retirement Rules And Staples That Don’t Apply Anymore


Retirement today is so different from what it used to be.  People who were working back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s probably had an old-fashioned traditional retirement, where they retired with a solid pension plan.  A pension plan coupled with Social Security took care of many people’s retirement lifestyle, and they did not have to worry about saving much more on their own.  Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.



8-27-22 - Question Of The Month - August

I“Hello, Brian.  My wife and I are both 60 years old and are retiring this year.  We have saved over a million dollars in our traditional 401(k)s and over a million dollars in our after-tax brokerage account.  We will have a pension income that will start at retirement as well as a good amount of Social Security.  We would like to have over $100,000 in retirement income.  We are healthy and have longevity in the family and plan on delaying Social Security to age 70.  We have talked to a few financial advisors, and they all recommend we draw the income we need to supplement our pension from our after-tax brokerage account to minimize our taxes.  Is this the right way to set up our income plan?  Thank you.”  Tim and Tina.