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5-21-22 - May 2022 Question Of The Month

“I recently completed my tax return for last year.  I pay for a service to file my tax return.  However, they do not offer any advice on strategies to save tax dollars in the future or how to get my retirement plan as tax efficient as possible.  They simply just take my documents and file my return.  If my tax preparer does not do this, then where can I find that type of tax-savings planning expertise?”  Thank you.  Don

5-13-22  Are You Making These Critical Beneficiary Mistakes?


When it comes to passing money on to their heirs, most people think it goes through their will and/or trust.  However, many times the majority of assets are passed on through beneficiary designations.  And unfortunately, many people don’t understand this and/or make some critical mistakes when it comes to naming beneficiaries on their assets.  Are you aware of these critical mistakes or potentially making them?



5-7-22 - Mothers And Women Face Many Challenges

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all.  In fact, let’s just say next week is Mother’s Day week because they deserve a whole week of recognition and attention.  To honor mothers and Mother’s Day from a financial perspective, we are going to help them by sharing some information and advice for a secure future.   

4-30-22  Has The Wool Been Pulled Over Your Eyes By An Annuity Salesperson?


According to many dictionaries, the definition and meaning of the phrase ‘the wool being pulled over your eyes’ means that someone is trying to deceive you in order to trick you or to have an advantage over you.  Unfortunately, this is happening right now in the investment and retirement-planning world by some licensed insurance agents selling annuities.  Has this happened to you? 



4-22-22 - April 2022 Question Of The Month

“Hi, Brian.  I inherited a traditional IRA from my father a few years ago and will be inheriting a traditional IRA from another relative very soon.  I would like to combine these two inherited IRAs and move them to another custodian.  However, I am not sure of my options as I have heard there have been some recent rule and law changes pertaining to inheriting IRAs.  Can you please advise me about what I can and can’t do with these inherited IRAs?  Thank you.” Timothy